Winter Wedding Wonderland


There is something truly unique about a Winter Wedding.   For someone who is still so new to Tenterfield and this amazingly beautiful area, I still am a bit overwhelmed by all that this area in this winter season has to offer.   The opportunities are simply endless, incredibly beautiful, one of a kind and of course romantic and magical!

Thank you again to Cory Rossiter for providing these stunning images.

The Cold:

Quite simply winter is cold!   It is a cold that I can’t remember experiencing after living 5 years in England.  It is clear and crisp and so cold some mornings it takes your breathe away.  Saying that, the cold also brings something that is  incredibly beautiful.  And if your guests are not locals it will be something that is unique, very much a talking point and a chance to get out those beautiful coats, hats, scarves and gloves!

For the bride and groom it means a full morning suit without slowly dying of heat exhaustion.

For the bride it means exquisite wraps and accessories.  Anything goes in a winter wedding!


The cold means unusual additions to your menu such as mulled wine to start and warm puddings that makes everyone think of home.

It also means that you can farewell your guests to a huge roaring bon-fire – a night that you and your guests will never forget.


Photo Opportunities:

Winter in Tenterfield, the Granite Belt and our surrounding shire means photo opportunities!


The stark beauty of ghostly trees against crystal blue winter skies.   Stormy clouds against the beauty of country roads.  Umbrellas used as fun props.   Once again anything goes!


With mountains and granite boulders.  The amazingly beautiful panoramas of parks in winter.  Acres of winter grape vines or hail netting draped across sleeping crops.   Crystal clear creeks and waterfalls with our amazing winter skies.


 Venues, Food and places to stay!

Our venues are geared up for the cold and what can be more welcoming to bride, groom or guest than a roaring log fire.  Also what can be more romantic.

It is an excuse also to take advantage of the amazing produce that this area has to offer and to let your venues come up with mouth-wateringly delicious winter fare.

Then it is home for the night – as bride and groom – winter provides yet another excuse to keep warm!



Weddings and Moments to take your breathe away.


There is an indescribable beauty in our surrounds.   Tenterfield Shire and all that it offers including venues and locations in the Granite Belt offers a never-ending source of beauty for moments that simply take your breathe away.

I have always said that I would rather have five minutes of wonderful, than a life-time of nothing special.  Well in our little gateway to heaven you can grab as many minutes of wonderful as your heart desires.

Thank you to Cory Rossiter  who has allowed us to use these images to showcase some visual moments of beauty, joy and pure magic.

When planning on your wedding or special event you can look no further than Tenterfield.   With amazing accommodation, four distinct seasons,  a huge range of venues,  stunning natural beauty and so much more – Tenterfield offers so much for any type of event.

It simply might be the place where dreams come true.

Stormy Granite Belt Wedding – Fiona & Kris

crone crthree crtwo

Red Bridge Stanthorpe – Pre-Wedding Shoot – Claire & Gary

crfive crfour' crsix

Mason Wines Granite Belt Wedding – Fran & Ben

creight crnine


Felsbery Winery / Diamondvale Cottages Wedding – Toya & Lachlan

creleven crfourteen crten crthirteen crtwelve

Anketell Forest Wedding  – Veronica & Luke

creighteen crfifteen crnineteen crseventeen crsixteen crtwenty

Mason Wines Granite Belt Wedding – Damien & Leisa

crtwentyfive crtwentyfour crtwentyone crtwentythree crtwentytwo

Granite Belt Engagement Shoot – Natalie & Neil

crtwentyseven crtwentysix

Just a taste of how wonderful your wedding can be!


What better way to showcase all that we can offer as an area that by letting you have a glimpse into the world of some of the amazing weddings Tenterfield and its surrounding areas have hosted.

Please find below links to a wonderful selection of weddings that should just fire up your imagination as to all that is possible….

Please note that these are links only to photographers pages and photographic credits are clearly stated in each link.

James & Amy’s Wedding

Gemma & Scott’s Wedding

Stacey & Steven’s Wedding

Tim & Elisa’s Wedding

Tania & Darren’s Wedding

Briana & Callum

These weddings and pictures are truly magical!

Enjoy them and please don’t hesitate to let us know if we can help at all with your big day!

tenterfield - road in autumn

Tenterfield – Northern NSW Weddings – a place of Magic


Tenterfield Shire – nestled in the Northern NSW tablelands.   Part of New England and only hours away from Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Armidale and Lismore.   So accessible geographically but in terms of MAGIC – light years away from anything you could ever imagine.

If you want magic, if you want a day that you will never forget, if you want a sprinkling of star dust and joy you can not go any further than Tenterfield Northern NSW – the place where dreams come true.

A place of burnished autumn leaves,  of silver frost, of crystal clear spring days and summer warmth surrounded by mountain ranges then you have truly found the place of your dreams.

The Tenterfield Shire in the Northern NSW Tablelands has everything needed for an incredible wedding in breathtakingly beautiful rural surrounds.

We have everything you need – whether wanting rural rustic, country vintage or complete sophistication.

From a completely personal point of view this area has touched my soul and my heart. It is an area that can offer rustic charm but also unprecedented luxury and sophistication.   Here, you will be looked after with a personal touch that is unique to our heart.

Stay tuned for regular blogs covering everything you could ever imagine.

And know that in Tenterfield, Northern NSW – your dreams can come true.

Somewhere over the rainbow was a place called Tenterfield.

So click your magic red heels together – Tenterfield, Northern NSW – making magic happen.