Bald Rock – a hidden treasure


For your wedding or event you want something unique.  And there are many things that are unique about this area.  As someone who is so new to this area I am still taken aback by what it has to offer.

It still shocks me a little, that  for much of my life living in Brisbane or the Gold Coast I knew nothing of what is here.   All of this beauty, history and natural charm was only on my doorstep and I literally had no idea.

So a lesson is to be learned.  At least for me that is – don’t be surprised what you might come across in this extraordinarily beautiful place that we call Tenterfield Shire!

When you are thinking about a wedding so often now – it is not just the wedding.  It can be the lead-up, the post-wedding celebrations and of course the hens and bucks nights that so often are a part of your big wedding celebration.

So let me introduce you to Bald Rock.  Now you have not seen Oprah Winfrey standing on top of this one.  But in my mind this is the one she should have visited!


Bald Rock National Park is a national park in northern NSW, Australia, just north of Tenterfield on the Queensland border.   On the other side of the border the national park continues as the Girraween National Park.

Now what is amazing information here, is the feature of Bald Rock National park  – Bald Rock.  It is a large granite outcrop rising about 200 metres above the surrounding landscape.  Measuring about 750 metres long and 500 metres wide – this is the largest granite monolith in Australia.   That is right – it is the largest in Australia.   If only Oprah had of known!

It is one of our area’s greatest, most beautiful natural gifts.

Two tracks are marked, a steep one up the exposed face or an easier gradient through bushland around the back.  The summit offers panoramic views which are truly extraordinary.


The day I climbed the rock (I was with my two five year olds!) we took the slow way up and the steep way down.   About a 3 hour round trip all up.   I must admit, it is the way I would recommend. On the slow way up there are balancing rock arches and formations that you wind your way through.  And if you are a romantic soul like myself you can imagine that you are one of the ethereal creatures from Joan Lindsay’s ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock”.  It is a novel and a movie that has always remained in my brain – you just need a good sound track and a white cotton dress to put yourself right there!

At the base of the rock are pristine picnic areas – perfect for a picnic party and some amazing photos.

So what does it mean for you and your wedding.

It means so many things.  Something unique.   Photo opportunities  – nothing like a bride in a stunning gown with a back-drop of granite.   It means picnic parties for your wedding group.  It means a challenge for your hen and bucks night.

It simply means that Tenterfield offers more!



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