Weddings and Moments to take your breathe away.


There is an indescribable beauty in our surrounds.   Tenterfield Shire and all that it offers including venues and locations in the Granite Belt offers a never-ending source of beauty for moments that simply take your breathe away.

I have always said that I would rather have five minutes of wonderful, than a life-time of nothing special.  Well in our little gateway to heaven you can grab as many minutes of wonderful as your heart desires.

Thank you to Cory Rossiter  who has allowed us to use these images to showcase some visual moments of beauty, joy and pure magic.

When planning on your wedding or special event you can look no further than Tenterfield.   With amazing accommodation, four distinct seasons,  a huge range of venues,  stunning natural beauty and so much more – Tenterfield offers so much for any type of event.

It simply might be the place where dreams come true.

Stormy Granite Belt Wedding – Fiona & Kris

crone crthree crtwo

Red Bridge Stanthorpe – Pre-Wedding Shoot – Claire & Gary

crfive crfour' crsix

Mason Wines Granite Belt Wedding – Fran & Ben

creight crnine


Felsbery Winery / Diamondvale Cottages Wedding – Toya & Lachlan

creleven crfourteen crten crthirteen crtwelve

Anketell Forest Wedding  – Veronica & Luke

creighteen crfifteen crnineteen crseventeen crsixteen crtwenty

Mason Wines Granite Belt Wedding – Damien & Leisa

crtwentyfive crtwentyfour crtwentyone crtwentythree crtwentytwo

Granite Belt Engagement Shoot – Natalie & Neil

crtwentyseven crtwentysix


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