Tenterfield – Northern NSW Weddings – a place of Magic


Tenterfield Shire – nestled in the Northern NSW tablelands.   Part of New England and only hours away from Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Armidale and Lismore.   So accessible geographically but in terms of MAGIC – light years away from anything you could ever imagine.

If you want magic, if you want a day that you will never forget, if you want a sprinkling of star dust and joy you can not go any further than Tenterfield Northern NSW – the place where dreams come true.

A place of burnished autumn leaves,  of silver frost, of crystal clear spring days and summer warmth surrounded by mountain ranges then you have truly found the place of your dreams.

The Tenterfield Shire in the Northern NSW Tablelands has everything needed for an incredible wedding in breathtakingly beautiful rural surrounds.

We have everything you need – whether wanting rural rustic, country vintage or complete sophistication.

From a completely personal point of view this area has touched my soul and my heart. It is an area that can offer rustic charm but also unprecedented luxury and sophistication.   Here, you will be looked after with a personal touch that is unique to our heart.

Stay tuned for regular blogs covering everything you could ever imagine.

And know that in Tenterfield, Northern NSW – your dreams can come true.

Somewhere over the rainbow was a place called Tenterfield.

So click your magic red heels together – Tenterfield, Northern NSW – making magic happen.


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